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  • Happy Fishing  A cute and funny flash game where you have to catch a set number of fish to complete the levels. Try to catch the extra bait and time powerups as well to help you reach the goal. Use Mouse to interact.

    Polar Rescue
    You are a super penguin and you have to make your way through antarctica Shoot = Shift, Jump = Space Movement = Arrow Keys Q = Graphic Quality

    Portugal Rally   Race around the track as you try to stay on the road as you drift around corners using the handbrake. Up Arrow Key - Throttle. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Steer. Down Arrow Key - Brake. Spacebar - Hand brake.

    Priest N Devils
    A tricky puzzle game. You have to get all the priests and devils to the other side of the lake, but the number of devils cannot out number the number of priests on either side or else the devil will kill the priest and the boat cannot travel empty. Simply use your mouse to play.

    The Pumpkin  Your job as a pumpkin is to collect the sweets from the bags of the kids by screaming at them. A - To scream. S - To search the bags. Arrow Keys - To move. Up Arrow - To jump.

    Puzzle Kiss  Click and Connect 3 or more identical icons to make the couple kiss. Fill the kissing loader before the time gets over. Enjoy all the 3 levels. This game is played with mouse only.

    Reaching The Kiss
    Today you complete two years of dating. Your boyfriend will take you to the most chic restaurant in the city. But you are late as always. You don't have time to make up. You are planning to make up on the bike, but you should be carefully. There are police cars. Good luck. Arrow Keys - Drive. Mouse - Action.

    Room Makeover 2  Use your mouse and click on your favorite furniture pieces to decorate your room exactly as your heart desires. Decorate the room with the given beds, chairs, tables and accessories! Use mouse to interact.

    Rural Racer  Participate in this very cool game of mini racing. Finish 8 laps and beat the opponent and show him what it takes to be the ultimate rural racer. Enjoy! Player 1 - Arrow Keys - Move. Shift (Hold) - Turbo. Player 2 - WASD - Move. ( ~ ) Hold - Turbo.

    Bradgelina's Baby Photo Safari

    Rope Jump

    Samurai Wings  You are one of the technological rebel warriors known as Samurai Wings, and you have to fight against the maleficent F.D.U. dictatorship droids. Arrow Keys - Move. Z - Fire. X - Bomb.

    Scarlett Johanson Gym Workout

    Make Scarlett Johanson to do workout without losing much energy in gym. This game is played with mouse only.

    Repel the pink swimmers into the whirlpool as you play the calm, no score keeping game. This game is played with mouse only.

    Sleepy Morning
    Help her get ready in the morning by clicking the right items before she gets sleepy again. This game is played with mouse only.

    Smallville Kryptonite Sweeper  This twist on the classic mine-sweeping game has you hunting down deposits of kryptonite for a mysterious Benefactor. use mouse to interact.

    Rufus Snow Ride
    Go down slope and gain points by making some stunts. Use arrow keys to move. Space bar to jump. 1 - 3 to perform stunts.

    Snowy Mario

    Keep throwing your snowballs at your opponents until they are a perfect snowball, then push the snowball and hit other enemies. Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move. Up Arrow Key - Jump. Spacebar - Shoot.

    Sort my Tiles Mystery Machine

    Sparkling Kisses

    Watching fireworks and stealing kisses... Help these two lovebirds enjoy their holiday evening alone. This game is played with mouse only.

    Spongebob Square Pants - Cheesew Dropper

    Sports Star


    S Timing Competition

    Tacky Toads

    Your goal is simple. Get the frog to reach the flag. Press the Frog, Pull back and aim at any flag and release. The lowest score is the best score. Use mouse to interact.

    Target Mania

    Funny Tetris

    The Call

    Here comes the action priest! Jump on the pillars and throw holy water at the evil ones. Arrows Keys - Walk / Duck / Climb on candlesticks, Spacebar - Jump. CTRL - Throw holy water.

    Sort My Tiles Pooh Piglet Tigger

    Top Jacket Styles

    Tunnel Recon

    Evade the sentinels in the tunnel in this game based on the movie matrix! Arrow Keys - Movement Z and X - Attack 1 and 2 C - EMP

    Uber Pool


    Come one, come all, to play Unevolve! The mysterious game that has enthralled generations. Take your mallet in hand heartily, and turn the human race into cabbages with this unique whack-a-mole style game. This game is played with mouse only.

    Universal Nano Counter Force

    Stay alive for as long as possible as you swing your ball around to take out enemies. This game is played with mouse only.

    Van Jellies

    Drop jellies on the table and try to keep the balance! Left click to drop jellies Hold button to drop bigger jellies

    Wheels of Salvation

    Play as a little guy, jumping on wheels to get to the surface. Strike MOUSE to interact.

    Wheel of Fun
    Pandas, raccoons, lions, and doggies: all the critters want a ride on the Wheel of Fun! Drag the animals from the boat to the Ferris wheel. Give everyone a ride by clicking and dragging the Ferris wheel in a clockwise circle. When an animal is happy enough, a pink face will pop up next to it (or, even better, a pink face with a tongue sticking out). Then you can drag that animal to the red tent. The happier the animal is, the more points you get when you put him in the red tent. A purple face means the animal is getting impatient. A blue face means the animal is about to give up and go away. If the animal does go away, you will lose points.

    X-Rider  Ride the half-pipe and gain height as you perform stunts before you land. Get higher for more stunts Use Z, X, C, V, B, Up arrow, Left Arrow, Right Arrow keys to do some tricky stunts. Down arrow key to land on the half pipe. Space bar to increase power. See inside of the game for further instructions.

    Zombie Surf Choose character and get your board. Control the surfing zombie and show skills avoiding the big wave! Left / Right Arrow Keys - Control Rider. Up / Down Arrow Keys - Navigate menu options. Spacebar - Turn Faster / Confirm menu options.

    Super Motocross  21 levels of controlling your bike physics and grabbing stars. Some ramps are difficult to get over. Up Arrow Key - Accelerate. Down Arrow Key - Brake / Reverse. Left Arrow Key - Lean Backward. Right Arrow Key - Lean Forward.

      Help the monkey to pick all the bananas and deliver them safely to home. Draw your own path and drive your own path! Be careful not to let monkey fall down, that would hurt. Mouse - Draw a track. A, D - Move.

    Arrow keys to move, Space bar to jump

      Drive your bike for as fast as you can while dodging obstacles along the way. Right Arrow Key - Pedal. Down Arrow Key - Slow Down / Tilt Down. Spacebar - Jump. F - Accelerate. D - Trick.

     Introduction game Bear and Cat Marine Balls:
    Balls are planning to sink your submarine. As they spiral towards you, you will have to fight them off by shooting similar coloured balls into the string. When you create a segment of three or more balls of the same colour, it will collapse. When you have
    Aim your sub by moving the mouse. Switch the color of the ball by pressing space. Left-click to shoot the ball.

      It is an amazing recipe game to play. You are to prepare the tasty, yummy, mouth watering recipe as per the instructions. This game is played with mouse only.

    Kick the ball passed the soccer players and try to score goals by adjusting power and angle. Use Mouse to interact.

      Introduction game Muffin The Star Hunter:
    Collect the ten stars on each level to open the exit; a big star will open somewhere near the end of the level.
    Move and jump by using the cursor keys.

    Spring means colors, flowers, and…rain! Choose some rainy clothes to match the umbrella. Use Mouse to interact